Psychological Impact of Good Lights in your Home

Lighting is not only used to illuminate objects and surroundings; it is more than having something shining in your home so you can make sense of the images, shadows, and what's around you. Lighting has more of an effect on your emotions and psychology, affecting your mood and even your health. When getting a lighting design for their homes, most people don't even consider it, but it is true that choosing a mix of light can have a psychological impact on people. The bright mixed with shallow, cold light with stunningly warm and bright can create scenarios that are not only mesmerizing but enriching in terms of bringing the most authentic and true notion of your home. 

Other than favoring the aesthetic of your home and bringing out the true value that it has to offer, you can't bend your neck away from the fact that the psychological effects are there, and as a matter of fact, you should explore a little about that to have a clear idea of how it can affect you;

  • Bright light heightens emotions.

    When finding the best Home depot lighting for you, it is important that you consider a mix of lighting that is bright and shallow; this profound mix will allow you to experience the design that it puts out at an elevated level. This is the very reason why people like to have warm lighting installed in the sitting area or the TV lounge where everyone has to sit. Bright light is associated with heightening all emotions, whether it is rage or attractiveness. In a study conducted around 2014, people sitting in a brightly lit room were asked how aggressive would they feel if someone was to annoy them, and almost everyone said that they would be pretty riled up.

    In the same study, men were asked to rate the women's attractiveness next to them and then compare the results of a brightly lit room and then a dim space. Men synonymously reached the verdict that they found those women sitting in a brightly lit room more attractive than when they were sitting in a dark room.

  • Blue lights can make you feel more energetic.

    Most people would engage in a different style of lighting for their kitchen, known as the Kitchen island lighting. It is a bit more rustic and charming at the same time, anyway having the same design of lighting but in blue light can have more of an energetic and zesty vibe going on. Blue light is inspired by elevating the mood and providing those in the room with a bit more energy, exactly the kind of lighting you want to have for your kitchen. According to a recent study, the individuals who were exposed to short wavelength and high energy blue light are more productive. 

    These people are able to complete the cognitive tasks more abruptly and conveniently than the rest of the herd. Blue light sparks a sense of increased alertness. People being fully aware of their surroundings, make calculated decisions around various situations that they face daily. 

  • Blue light might not be a great fit in your bedroom.

    The Central light fixtures are becoming a kind of modern thing in bedrooms and other parts of the house where relaxation is of the essence; you will hardly find these in the kitchen where most of the action takes place. But as for the blue light, it is not that great of an option in the bedroom because it is associated with deteriorating sleep and meddling with your sleep-wake pattern. 

    Melatonin which is a sleep-oriented hormone released by the body at night which puts us to sleep, gets deteriorated around blue light, and its production also gets hammered, so make sure that there aren't any blue lights in the room where you have to sleep. Naturally, it is advised to turn off your laptop, TV, or any other electronic item for that matter which can emit blue light as it can deteriorate your sleep quite profoundly.   

  • Affecting your appetite


    There are a lot of things that lighting can control about food or our appetite. It controls how much food we eat, how much appetite we develop for it, and what is kind of food that we want to eat depending on our mood. In softer or dimmer light, we eat less and consume our food slow too, and it becomes kind of a neutral element to order unhealthy food if we are in a darker light-wise environment. Lighting does impact your psychology, so when choosing lighting solutions such as Outdoor lights for the house, you must keep all of that in mind.

    Best lighting solutions every modern house should have


    If you want to bring a touch of the environment and a soothing feeling to your home, then you can't go wrong with LED BIRD LIGHT. It offers a dynamic design of the bulbs that look like birds, and the support mechanism looks like the wide tree branches, so it is all-natural and complementing to the beautiful world we live in.



    If you have a problem sleeping at night, then the EYE PROTECTION COOL NIGHT LIGHT can be of huge help. It doesn't emit any blue light, and the luminosity effect is also very subtle to ensure that you don't get any direct bright light hitting your eyes or so. It offers a unique and friendly design with easy to use mechanism; other than that; it offers a rechargeable battery too if you want to take this with you while traveling.



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