Ways to Make your Kitchen Organized

If you have tried it all, even developed an action plan to make your kitchen more organized, but in doing so has disturbed its normal functioning and has made it a mess, then your kitchen does require some imminent attention from you. Most people would argue that you need an ample kitchen space to keep things organized and the way these are supposed to be, but it is not quite right as you can have a small space and still a humbly organized kitchen. Following tips for kitchen organization are going to help you get closer to your kitchen organization goals;

  • Get everything out of the cabins.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to take everything out of your cabinets and drawers, and it means everything literally; there shouldn't be even a nickel left behind. Pour everything out in front of you, make categories if it helps for donation, broken items, and things that work just fine and you need for the future. Assign the items to their dedicated categories and then donate those that are of no use to you, discard those that are broken, and clean those that are still well and you need them. Most kitchens would be short on space, so the idea is to get to the items that are of use and the ones that you want to stick with you.

  • Grouping like items


    Now that you have ripped everything apart, you should consider grouping the like items together to give some love back to your Kitchen storage. This could be done by sorting these items into groups such as baking items, cooking utensils, cleaning items, etc. Even the glassware and special utensils that are only brought into use on holidays and such should also be sorted to hint at what goes with what or grouping everything according to the way you would like to stuff these back.

  • Organize your cabinets

  • Now that everything is aligned before you on the floor, you need to decide which things would be kept or stored together. The baking items and cooking utensils should be kept close to each other or where the food preparation takes place. Utensils should be kept near the preparation area into the nearest drawer. As for the glassware, it is best to place it either near the sink or close to the refrigerator. Spice organizers, mugs, sugar, filters, and other such miscellaneous items should either be kept closed or adjacent to the coffee-making area. One of the most convenient benefits would be that you won't have to wander across your kitchen to find things to brew your morning coffee.

  • Make use of the vertical space.


    While you are at diverting your focus and attention to organize your kitchen, you should consider bringing your vertical space into some classic use. This is the space that is present above your countertops, kitchen walls, and such. You can place hooks above the countertops to hang the coffee mugs, as it will definitely help you save some considerable space when it comes to the kitchen drawers. 

    Use of the adhesive hooks on the inside of the pantry doors and cabinet doors as a storage space for measuring cups, oven mitts, or other types of kitchen gadgets. Look around your kitchen and come to terms with all the vertical space that is not getting used and can help you store some of the miscellaneous items that will definitely get your space clean.

  • Using drawer dividers

  • Drawer dividers are a great tool that acts as a Kitchen drawer organizer so that everything that you keep in your drawer is perfectly aligned, sorted into groups for easier access. Every kitchen needs a drawer where miscellaneous items can be stored but to do that with a degree of assortment, a drawer divider serves as a great option. These consist of little compartments in which different kitchen items can be stored so that you can have access to these whenever you need them instead of going through the mess of looking for that item from a giant heap of tangled stuff.

    Potential accessories every kitchen must have. 



  • Now this beautiful hand-crafted wooden box is all about sorting and organizing your kitchen. On the open end of the box, there are two to three divisions that divide the box into multiple compartments for storing all types of utensils, the most obvious being spoons, forks, blunt knives, and such. This way, you won't be getting things mixed or jumbled as long as you have the MULTIFUNCTIONAL WOODEN STORAGE BOX. On the bright side of things, this thing is made from 100% wood and finished with hand to give it that rustic old look that might be harmonious with the overall tone of your contemporary kitchen.



    Every kitchen needs to have an
    electric juicer blender that serves the purpose of making instant drinks, smoothies, and blending items without hooking a lot of things together in case of a large juicer machine. This blender offers a more ergonomic and handheld design that is perfect for high-quality blending and making your favorite smoothies in seconds. It offers an efficient motor that is tuned to get every ounce of substance put into it, whether fruit or vegetables, so you don't get any coarse or humid composition in your drink.



    If you are looking to give some love to your prep station, then getting a MULTI-FUNCTION VEGETABLE SLICER is the right thing to do as it will reduce your prep time for cooking also allows you to get around stuff at a blazing speed. It offers a dynamic build which makes the shredding of vegetable way easier. You can adjust the length of the cut along with the overall thickness so that your end garnishes look professional, sleek, and well-cut. It is a must-have addition in every kitchen and will definitely make cooking easier for you.